We are celebrating 10 years and changing our name!

ALICE Arts is now Black Swan Arts & Media.

formerly ALICE Arts

formerly ALICE Arts

A Black Swan Event: a rare occurrence beyond the realm of normal expectations and impossible to predict.

There was a time when the idea of a black swan was used as a metaphor for something whose existence was impossible.  No one had ever seen a black swan—until 1697 when they were discovered by a Dutch explorer in Western Australia.  (See  JOURNAL).

When we created ALICE: Arts and Literacy in Children’s Education we wanted to give inner city kids the chance to experience the arts.  We couldn’t have envisioned that collecting immigrant stories through our education program would lead to an aerial/dance performance, or that an impulse to write jazz songs would turn into a reimagining of the Great American Songbook, or that we would now be exploring the post-9/11 wars through food, stories, performance and media.

What all of these projects have in common is what the jazz critic Albert Murray called, “an experimental disposition".  It is something that goes beyond the rational and is impossible to explain—like a black swan


A Taste of the Prepared Table • Coming Soon!

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